Future of Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is described in the industrial world as the 4th industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 concept originates from an German government initiative launched in 2011. IoT market is sized at 1,7T$ by 2020 (according to IDC) and can have an economic impact of 4 to 11T$ by 2025 (according to McKinsey). According to most of the market surveys, the Industrial sector is the main adopter of IoT technologies. IoT drives productivity increase along the supply chain while allowing manufacturers to provide a new generation of services to their existing customers.

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Future of Work

Digital Technologies are driving the next wave of productivity for organisations. Chatbots, AI, blockchains are gaining momentum in start-up and MNC world. Newly distributed autonomous organisations are emerging.

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Future Economy of Things

More and more connected things are deployed every day. Organisations able to share and mutualise things in creative way will extract more value for the market. Blockchain technologies and Ethereum networks enable a new way to organise the collaboration between things beyond the API economy.

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