The Future Economy Studio supports the following digital ventures in their journey.

EarthBlocks Foundation:

EarthBlocks Foundation’ was formed under the Future Economy Studio (FES) in Singapore as a universal call to action for climate fix. EarthBlocks leverages Blockchain, IoT, and AI to bring more accuracy, accountability, transparency, and trust to climate change mitigation efforts of participating countries.


Blu Buying Club:

This start-up offers professional purchasing services to reduce the costs of overhead of its customers. It provides the B2C e-commerce experience to B2B sector thanks to a cloud based e-procurement solution. Savings are achieved thanks to the consolidated volumes of all the members of the club.



This start-up creates a new Augmented Experience technology and infrastructure for Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising.




This start-up creates new Industrial IoT solutions and services to improve operations efficiency in Cement and Mining plants.