The Future Economy Studio supports the following digital ventures in their journey.

Blu Buying Club:

BBC was formed in Singapore in 2017 to help businesses in Singapore to save time and money when buying non-strategic goods. With over 20 years of experience in sourcing and procurement, we are providing all businesses expertise and tools usually available to large corporations only.

Thousands of businesses in Singapore cannot afford the service of a procurement team. These teams have proven their value added to the business over the years. Purchasing expertise is undoubtedly required when it comes to buy the best products at the lowest price. However their main challenge is to make sure the savings they bring effectively cover the cost of their service. That has lead to a situation where professional procurement is now focused on strategic supplies within large corporations. It thus leaves a significantly empty room for procurement expertise on non-strategic supplies across all companies but integrated MNCs.

  • BBC brings that procurement expertise to the mass through its Procurement as a Service (PaaS) in Singapore.
  • BBC’s ecosystem comprises of
    • Customers: SMEs as well local subsidiaries of overseas companies;
    • Products: non-strategic supplies as these are where lie the daily savings;
  • BBC comes in two offers:
    • Freemium, with a limited access to the discounts in the catalogue;
    • Premium, with full access to the discounted catalogue, starting at SGD 15 a month.


Positive Energy LTD.:

Positive Energy.Community Pte Ltd was incubated at the Future Economy Studio, Singapore in early part of 2017 with the goal of Simplifying the Renewable Energy Finance.

In May 2018, Positive Energy Community became Positive Energy LTD.

Our mission is to reimagine the energy funding process to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy assets globally.

We are providing a blockchain based asset financing, trading and management platform that digitizes the transaction workflow making green investments fast, liquid and economically viable for for all parties involved.

Positive Energy Ltd, through its platform aims to engage institutional investors in the financing of renewable energy projects to free-up balance sheets of project developers and project finance banks, reduce overall costs, and thereby encourage new investment in the sector.

Positive Energy Ltd. helps investors and assets portfolio managers to source new opportunities of investment related to small to mid-size assets (0,5MW to 30MW) and so help project developers to (re)finance their projects faster and at better conditions.