Digital Ventures as a Service (DVaaS)

The studio helps entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs design and grow their venture.



Venture design : Business Ideation & Digital Strategy

Through an iterative process, the studio can help you in the ideation of new businesses leveraging latest digital technologies.


Venture building : Team set-up

Digital ventures require a specific set of skills and competencies that are often not easily accessible inside the organization. They also required a specific culture in order for your team of digital innovators to work at their best.  This is often a challenge for business leaders to form and manage this new type team.

  • How to recruit such team?
  • How to start small while having all competencies required?
  • Which competencies to recruit? Which competencies to hire?
  • How to lead and manage such team?
  • How to keep them motivated?
  • How to assess the team performance?
  • Will this new venture still exist in 12months?
  • If it does not work then what should I do with the team?

The Future Economy Studio can help you either to bring together a team of A-players with the necessary skills to drive your new digital businesses or to complement temporarily your existing team to coach them through their journey.  Once the new venture gain momentum, the team can:

  • either join the customer’s organization (spin-in),
  • or be incorporated in a new structure associated with the customer’s organization (spin-out).

If the digital ventures don’t gain momentum then the team members will be reallocated to other projects.

The Future Economy Studio believes team quality and stability is a key success factor of ant new digital ventures.

Venture building : Design led innovation and engineering

The Studio is committed to go beyond ideation process and to ensure that your digital products and services are coming to life in a short time.

You can trust us with the selection of the technology stack and with implementation of your digital products from start to finish. We can also help you to design better applications:

  • Project framing
  • Product Technical Management
  • Proof of Concept (POC) development
  • User Interface (UI) / User eXperience (UX)
  • Deployment of agile methodology
  • Coaching in development and in testing practice
  • Industrialisation of software quality
  • DevOps implementation


Venture building : Go-to-Market acceleration

The studio achieves his mission once the venture gain traction and is on a profitable path.

In digital world, a close collaboration and agility is required between business development and product development activities and so regardless of the venture model (B2B, B2C, or more likely B2B2C).

In order to enable success, the Studio can support you in your early business development activities.

The Future Economy Studio is also very well located to facilitate the geographical expansion of digital venture in the APAC region.