What we do

The Future Economy Studio aims at reinventing the way the economy works by leveraging digital technologies. We create new concepts and mature them. We select the best ideas and start producing them. We then assemble a team and a consortium of actors (technology providers, customers) interested to bring them to life. We then distribute these digital innovations. Once these ideas become self-sufficient, they leave the studio and continue their journey to change the world as a stand-alone organisation or as part of our customer’s organisation.

Different organisations can leverage the capabilities of the studio in digital venture building.

The studio works on different streams. For each of these streams, the Future Economy Studio crafts innovation to deliver redefined customer experience and to create and extract value in new ways.

Why we do it

The Future Economy Studio aims at closing the gaps between Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship. Some organisation struggle to organise and manage disruptive or radical innovations. The challenge can be even more important when these innovations relied on emerging digital technologies foreign to the organisation. Such ventures require special care and an environment where they can grow and flourish.

The Digital Venture Equilibrium.

The Studio helps organisation to spin-off, spin-in, create new ventures away from the traditional organisation (at least during the early stage). We provide our clients with the required culture and talents in order to kick-start these new activities.  Our network of technology and design partners forms an creative and stimulating environment.

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