PositiveEnergy.Community to leverage IoT and Blockchain Tokenisation to Share Renewable Energy within the Community

Singapore, October 04, 2017

PositiveEnergy.Community, an early stage venture incubated at the Future Economy Studio of Singapore, today unveiled its plan of launching their Social Platform for Renewable Energy Accumulation & Distribution [SPREAD] to offer unprecedented customer empowerment and remove barriers to individual participation in the renewable energy market leveraging the nexus between clean-tech and deep-tech such as IoT and Blockchain. The announcement was done at the TechXLR8 Asia (IoT World Asia 2017) at Marina Bay Sands.

At the international climate negotiations in November 2016 in Marrakesh (COP 22), initial findings on Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology’s (DLT) potential for climate action was presented and discussed with different parties, as well as representatives from the UNFCCC secretariat, different NGOs and companies. These discussions were led by Cleantech 21 Foundation from Switzerland and led to the formation of Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI). The PositiveEnergy.Community venture is the outcome of the discussions which the founders have been having with CLI and other companies from the renewable energy eco-system. The objectives of the venture have been aligned to those of the CLI, which in May 2017 announced its cooperation with the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Secretariat for CLI’s first public activity, #HACK4CLIMATE, a Blockchain/Climate Hackathon, held in parallel to COP23 from 12-16 November 2017 in Bonn, Germany.

The PositiveEnergy.Community venture aims to become a digital marketplace to accelerate energy transition with renewables by bringing together community members who are not just serious about their energy future but also wants to contribute directly towards their renewable goals.

PositiveEnergy.Community incentivises multiple parties to join forces in creating a minimum viable community, in order to achieve renewable energy goals more efficiently and rapidly as compared to doing it alone. The SPREAD platform is built grounds up to facilitate a grassroots approach to energy transition by crowdsourcing and crowdfunding the green energy assets (Solar PVs, Wind Turbines, Storage Batteries etc.) for the communities globally. The platform will leverage EthereumBlockchain and will enable people to invest in the community tokens which are backed by physical energy production thereby making these digital economies increasingly self-sustainable and helps in creating a very strong circular economy within these communities.

Amit Sharma, Co-Founder, PositiveEnergy.Community said: “We are moving away from the traditional, centralised fossil-fuel power stations towards a decarbonised, decentralised, digitalised and democratised energy generation where communities take control of their energy future. But to accelerate the renewable transition, we need local community level commitment and involvement of individuals, collectives, businesses and green investors/accelerators to speed up the energy transition with renewables. It’s imperative to onboard all the stakeholders and to create new business models that incentivise them for contributing positively towards the common sustainable development goal.”

Nicolas Payen, the Co-Founder added: “We are excited to launch this venture in Singapore which is the hub for clean-tech and deep-tech innovation and will be soon taking it to other regional markets in particular India which has recently announced its plan of building 175 GigaWatts capacity for Renewable Energy by 2022. Our research shows that 10% of renewable energy generation will happen at the micro level by the communities which itself is a huge market for PositiveEnergy.Community globally. We are fortunate to have eminent leaders from the energy sector on our advisory board from countries such as Australia, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, and India to guide and support us in taking the venture into a positive direction to success.”

PositiveEnergy.Community is already in discussion with various technology companies, renewable energy eco-system players, academia, climate experts and policy makers to sharpen its go-to-market strategy for chosen countries and will soon start the trials with virtual micro-grids and customer micro-grids (true micro-grids).

About PositiveEnergy.Community

PositiveEnergy.Community is an early stage for-profit venture incubated at The Future Economy Studio (TFES) in Singapore with the objective of offering unprecedented customer empowerment and to remove barriers to individual participation in the renewable energy market. Our aim is to bring together a diversity of people who care about their community’s energy future and enable them to trade renewable energy within their community. By bringing together these people there is a great possibility of not just reducing the carbon footprint of the community but also of creating a stronger circular economy.

PositiveEnergy.Community is committed to divert a portion of its profits to enable access to energy for the underprivileged through its platform. This will be done by setting up a non-profit organisation which will run independently yet in close co-ordination.

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About The Future Economy Studio

The Future Economy Studio aims at reinventing the way the economy works by leveraging digital technologies. We create new concepts and mature them. We select the best ideas and start producing them. We then assemble a team and a consortium of actors (technology providers, customers) interested to bring them to life. We then distribute these digital innovations. Once these ideas become self-sufficient, they leave the studio and continue their journey to change the world as a stand-alone organisation or as part of our customer’s organisation.

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